image of digitally rendered forest in colour with a grey scale stripe down its near centre.
September 1, 2022

digital forest

exciting skill set enhancements- to help visualise some of the amazing work pioneered by drone seeding technology start-ups.

utilising the latest digital rendering technologies and scans of natural environments to build out realistic fully manipulatable digital forest landscapes. from here we can help visually bring to life the transformation from damage environments to replenishing the biodiversity - (not waiting 20-50 years but leveraging real-time animation to help show the from and to in contextually accurate settings) areas after forest fires, floods or post open cast mining and deforestation.

side by side image of a digital forest landscape built in CAD, the left image is grey scale unrendered, on the right has colours applied. both images show a burnt clearing in the middle showing damage after a forest fire.
building the landscape to reflect a forest fire

detail rendering of the digital forest clearing showing a white cube in the centre.
adding trees and exploring a natural spacing, draft lighting

close up shot of burnt tree trunks and forest floor - left image is digital model without material colours applied, the right image shows it fully render in colour
refining the detail on the forest floor and charred bark on remaining trees

left part of this image is grey scale rocks and forest, the image section on the right shows the rendered digital forest scene with moss and leaf matter on the forest floor.
forest floor details

forest floor digitally rendered image with moss, rocks, leaves and a shallow stream on the left.
landscape detailing of roots, stream bed, rocks, fallen foliage and mosses for realistic setting

detailed image of forest floor, close up of grass and floor matter, with tall deciduous trees to the background.
grasses and forest floor details


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