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let us support and grow your

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sift through the noise to find those 'golden nuggets' of opportunity

with so many voices it can be hard to know what to listen to and risk missing what's important to your customers and future customers.

user needs evolve, expectations change, and opportunities come fast.

using a mix of specialist social AI linguistic engines + consumer insights + a world centric design.
we help identify, visualise unmet needs and adjacent or break through opportunities.

insight options


stay curious

awareness + wonder

sprint study


agile global listening using specialist linguistic AI engines. delivering metric led insights from unstructured text, blogs, forums, social.

we track targeted sector(s), competitors, brands + collate user trending topics.

then collate and capture the good, the great and the 'opportunities'

identify current pain points / needs gap/ unmet or trending opportunities

present weighted opportunities -collaborate and review together to help support your business needs and direction.

available as:
one off study to help with compass headings
or repeated studies- run to complement brand health checking + continually feed into your product road strategy

user input

refinement + wisdom

front end insights


sprint study + targeted user insights studies.
visualised solutions
in person user insights study..
summary of observations
presentation of enhanced directions and needs gap

mix of social AI, Front End Insights unmet needs capture and idea exploration refinement
working with specialists, for EU based studies/ translators/recruitment of candidates/data protection.


opportunity to solution

design development


sprint study + user insights + concept development + 3D proposals

capture unmet needs
order the opportunities
visualise the innovation paths + solutions
evaluate via quant +/ qual
3D exterior surface development of concept proposal

what can we do together?