help provide a guide through the volatility, rapidly changing global economic needs, the balance of the environment and the pace of change, by providing extra clarity for the fledgling + established businesses wanting to grow + hone their strategic direction, investment and skills development plans.

strategy mapping options


industry disruptors

high altitude report

using a mix of specialist trend and data insights like global... McKinsey insights, Statista, Google analytics, Pinterest insights, trends tracking, new VC's via Crunchbase / Sifted and Gov statistics...

we generate bite sized summaries of future industry challenges and map the opportunities.  

available as:
one off study to help with compass headings
or repeated studies- run to complement brand health checking + continually feed into your product road strategy


to uncharted waters

collectively explore insights generated by step 1
generate a suite of concept proposals that build on the new direction(s)


vbl strategy / brand revitalisation

brand equity

evolving / revolutionising a brands VBL path to help reinforce its emerging brand equity + character... generating VBL strategies based on future trends


example of a 60k foot view... do I want a car or NEED an autonomous mode of transport?

01 example

disrupting the CAR industry

group of statements to show cars made per year, number of injuries from cars and the drop in number of miles driven by car owners per year.
world map grey scale showing the % of car usage by year for some countries
collage of key findings to show the costs and resources needed to switch to electric vehicles
3D cad map of a city in just white and grey tones with a picture of a phone calendar showing an autonomous vehicle ride service

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