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a candid WANT verses NEED approach to the design process

we have all focused-on USER/human centric design to deliver great well rounded product solutions.
now it's time to zoom out and reframe our collective design development efforts and focus on WORLD centric solutions...

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want V need

assess its true purpose

the old adage- the emperor's new clothes.

momentum on project can be great... and we love to create, but if what we are doing is not needed - does not fit a purpose or solve a need, then we'd all rather switch to work that does us ALL good.

focus on what we should do not what we could do.

bring us in to evaluate and be the one to say 'no'


do more with less

be edited / think nomadic

the material in not yet immaterial
material selection + a positive balanced CMF
to ensure more post-consumer materials can be used at the start and careful polymer / pigment selection enables greater reuse at the end of life

process optimisation​
automate the mundane
out of box, ecom + product journeys-  
VBL edit- simplification + execution -avoid waste
build consistency with clarity
platform + DTV - design to value methodology


design for LIFE

to benefit and last

complementing 1 + 2, using this process to enhance the longevity and usefulness of a brand's product offerings.

thoughtfully designing product solutions that can adapt and be adapted to users evolving needs- so serving the consumer for longer.

taking lessons from the professional tool industry, like Stihl, where products are designed to be more readily repairable.

want verse need image - want is in lava red and the need is in green blue neon

design for LIFE

for easier repairs, possibility to upgrade + adapt to changing user's needs. enabling greater ease of recycling at the end of product life. an ifixit score will be part of an informed purchase decision

someone repairing a mobile phone and the ifixit score icon
designing to achieve more with less. example of a hand vac that can ship nestled and saved 325 shipping containers over its previous design, images of a cordless hand vacuum on a grey back drop with a grey shipping container image on the right side

design for LIFE

adaptability and flexibility for longevity
our new approach to home furniture coming soon...

backdrop of an abandoned armchair outside a roller shutter garage

what can we do together?