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digital support options


CAD to digital

gathering assets

outline NDA iP needs
import CAD Data,
collate assemblies and SKU sets
CMF library assembly on product graphics
materials and basic lighting

set up cameras and clean space for hero product renders typically 4-5 render angles
configure 360 spin compilations for ecom

agree output formats

hero renders
short 360 animation
SKU variations global variants to suit legislation needs

digital set building

space and context

basic set

building small 3D CAD studio space models
to drop in the product to scale
add digital 3D props

custom lighting

large studios

complex contextually accurate scene and animated props.
custom CAD space, purchase 3D prebuilt sets (+editorial licence if required)

develop digital tone and ownable look to complement brand.

apply weather or dust, granular effects if needed

contextually accurate digital sets can be reused and negate large scale real set builds and studio shots that can be access prohibitive or cost +30k per day.


basic to mini pixar

set up the assets, scope of scene.

storyboard the key call out features.

present digital tone and storyboard examples

evaluate refine edit chosen paths
agree on length(s) and format(s)

draft animation and camera pathways. share draft animations
edit and refine timings

compile high resolution file,
add in post motion graphics, sound track + noise

share -approve 1st format

deliver multiple formats and any agree additional costs for extra camera tracking to suit 16:9 to 1/1

deliver assets


AR Configurators

+60 days

if leveraging pre delivered assets or starting from new.

evaluate and agree scope
format and retailer/ microsite deployment methods

set up rules and sku's in the builder
gather CAD, materials set up rigging

map if any stock/pricing needs to be maintained / set up recurring maintenance schedule and fees.

security protocols, approvals if deploying configurators on retailers ecom or building unique micro hosting site.

highly specialised skills and handful of partners have developed the clearance with retailers like Amazon/ to serve configurators on their sites.