abandoned turquoise armchair on an urban back street in front of a black roller shutter garage door, white text on the image says, 'design for life'.
September 21, 2022

design for life

sofas. we need them, but are we being served the best way with what's on offer today?

huge wait times, shipping, specialist sizes, fixed configurations, and not easy to clean or repair. we at reach design looked at the core assembly blocks of a sofa and the ever-changing needs of customers to see if there was a way to design for longevity and accommodate people's styles with minimal compromise.

a fully modular sofa system that can be added to, updated and customised with minimal fuss - enabling longevity of core use and designed for optimal recyclability at end of life.

block model sketches exploring the initial designs for a domestic sofa.

+60% of a sofa structure could and should last for many years... the main reason for changing is house move (UK average is every 7 years) decor change, updating to trends and life changes, moving in, out, and growing families...

if only there was something with the base modularity akin to kitchen units and the carefully considered design options in a variety of styles that suited what people desired.

more to share soon...


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